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Photograph of the frontispiece of theIrish Review (March 1913)
Frontispiece of the March 1913 Irish Review with plate by George Russell (AE) entitled “The Plough and the Earth Spirit.” In the Review under the nom de plume AE, Russell contributed poetry and paintings inspired by his mystic beliefs. He used his…

Photograph of the Irish Reviewfrontispiece with plate by Nathaniel Hone (January 1912)
Frontispiece of the January 1912 Irish Review with a plate by Nathaniel Hone entitled “The Wave.” Nathaniel Hone II (1831-1917) was connected with other important painters and art dealers on the Irish scene such as John B. Yeats, Sarah Purser and…

Photograph of the February 1914Irish Review with plate by Sarah Purser
Frontispiece of the February 1914 Irish Review with plate by Sarah Purser entitled “A Kinsale Fisherwoman.”

Photograph ofHarry Clarke’s plate in the Irish Review
Plate for the July 1913 issue of the Irish Review by Harry Clarke. The plate “The Silver Apples of the Moon, the Golden Apples of the Sun” illustrates W.B. Yeats’s poem “The Song of Wandering Aengus.”

Photograph of the article by Shan Van Vocht (Roger Casement) in the Irish Review July 1913
Roger Casement’s article, ‘Ireland, Germany and the next War,’ was published in the Irish Review in July 1913 and presents possible scenarios for Ireland in the context of the Home Rule bill and of the growing European tensions. In the Review…

Photograph of advertising page for theIrish Review.
Advertising page of the Irish Review showcasing, among others, ads for MacDonagh's book of poetry Songs of Myself and for the Modernist magazine Open Window.

Photograph of the cover of theIrish Reviewlast issue
Cover of the final issue of the Irish Review spanning three months (September to November 1914). The subheading defines the Review as 'A Monthly Magazine of Irish Politics, Literature and Art'.

Photograph of the Irish Reviewcover for the first issue, March 1911.
Cover of the first issue of the Irish Review, March 1911. The subheading defines the Review as 'A Monthly Magazine of Irish Literature, Arts and Science'.

Photograph of the frontispiece of the first issue of the Irish Review
Frontispiece of the first issue of the Irish Review, March 1911. On the left, plate by William Orpen 'The Fairy Ring'; on the right the first page of the introductory editorial containing the Review's declarations of intent.

Photograph of the Irish Review frontispiece (May 1911)
Frontispiece of the Irish Review (May 1911) with a plate by Irish painter Norman Morrow entitled 'South Holland Types'. Norman Morrow (1879-1917) and his brother Jack Morrow (1872-1926) both contributed paintings in the Irish Review and were active…
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