The Literary Career of Thomas MacDonagh

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The Literary Career of Thomas MacDonagh


Thomas MacDonagh (1878-1916)


This collection showcases Thomas MacDonagh's literary work with items held in the Curran Collection of UCD Library Special Collections. 


1902. Through the Ivory Gate. A Book of Verse (poetry)

1903. April and May and Other Verse (poetry)

1904. The Exodus. A Sacred Cantata (words for music)

1906. The Golden Joy (poetry)

1908. When the Dawn is Come (drama)

1910. Songs of Myself (poetry)

1911. Co-founder and contributor of The Irish Review (journalism, criticism, poetry, drama)

1912. Metempsychosis (drama)

1913. Thomas Campion and the Art of English Poetry (criticism)

1913. Lyrical Poems (poetry)

1915. Pagans [first performed] (drama)

1916. Literature in Ireland. Studies in Irish & Anglo-Irish (criticism)

1916. The Poetical Works of Thomas MacDonagh (poetry)

1920. Pagans [first published] (drama)


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Thomas MacDonagh


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Dublin, Ireland, 1878-1916


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Collection Items

Literature in Ireland. Studies Irish and Anglo-Irish
Thomas MacDonagh's work of literary criticism. MacDonagh’s book collects 8 essays (or ‘Studies’ as they are deemed) along with a selection of ‘Poems of the Irish Mode’. Some portions of Literature in Ireland previously appeared in The Irish Review…

Songs of Myself
Thomas MacDonagh's fourth collection of poems. This collection is MacDonagh’s fourth collection of poetry after Through the Ivory Gate (1902), April, May and Other Verse (1903), The Golden Joy (1906). According to Lawrence William White, even if…

Metempsychosis: or A Mad World. A Play in One Act
Thomas MacDonagh's second play Metempsychosis (1912)First printed in The Irish Review, the play is a satire of theosophy and occultism. It was first performed on 18,19, 20 April 1912 by the Theatre of Ireland, a company formed in 1906 from a number…

Pagans: A Modern Play in Two Conversations (1915)
Thomas MacDonagh's Third Play, Pagans (1915)Pagans is Thomas MacDonagh’s third play after When the Dawn Has Come (1908) and Metempsychosis (1912) and was first produced in April 1915 by the Irish Theatre in Hardwicke Street for a run of six nights.…

The Exodus. A Sacred Cantata, words by Thomas MacDonagh, music by Benedetto Palmieri (1904)
1904 Vocal Score for Thomas MacDonagh's The Exodus: A Sacred Cantata (Words by MacDonagh, music by Benedetto Palmieri). In 1904 Thomas MacDonagh won the first price at the Dublin Feis Ceoil for a religious cantata that he wrote with music by the…

Cover of the first issue of the Irish Review, March 1911
Cover of the first issue of the Irish Review, March 1911. The subheading defines the Review as 'A Monthly Magazine of Irish Literature, Arts and Science'.

The Golden Joy (1906)
The Golden Joy is Thomas MacDonagh’s third collection of poetry.  According to Lawrence William White, this volume symbolizes MacDonagh’s transition ‘from Christian mysticism to neo-platonism’ where the poet is conceived ‘as divinely inspired…
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